GEAR UP Parents

GEAR UP believes that behind every successful student is a great parent. The role of the parent in the academic success of the child is absolutely critical. Parents control the home environment and encourage good work ethics. Parents give our students positive motivation and nurture their physical and emotional needs. Good teachers can help a child to excel in education, but it is the parent that provides the foundation for success.

GEAR UP would like to highlight the constant efforts of all the parents. Thank you for allowing us to enhance the educational lives of your children.

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Nurturing Relationships

As we develop partnerships with business and community organizations, GEAR UP hopes to nurture strong relationships with the parents of our cohort students through Parent Advisory Councils.

The purpose of the Parent Advisory Council is to equip parents with the vital information needed to help them support their children through their educational journeys. These advisory councils would educate parents and help them to advocate for their children and share this information with other parents.

The Parent Advisory Council is all about Empowering Parents, so they can Empower their kids. Education can uplift individuals and transform families.

Parents, ask your child’s GEAR UP College & Career Coach how you can join the Parent Advisory Council at their school.