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GEAR UP believes that meaningful experiences can build foundations, spark lifelong interests, and change the trajectory of a kid’s life. GEAR UP strives to give our students many different types of experiences. Please utilize our easy registration feature to sign your child up for an experience that could change their life.

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What They Say

Cameron has really enjoyed himself and watching him this afternoon was a proud moment because he was really nervous about presenting and he did it with such confidence!! I was just blown away.

Stacy, Gear Up Parent

I wanted to apply for GUALA (GEAR UP Alumni Leadership Academy) so that I can advocate for others the way people advocated for me.

Jamila, GUALA Rep

GEAR UP allows us to be a co-parent. We get to be that secondary support for 2,300 kids. We are able to watch them mature and grow into wonderful young men and women. We get to feel the joy of seeing them succeed and knowing that we had a part in making that happen.

Dana, Gear UP Staff

The thing I liked most about the summer camps is that you get to learn and socialize at the same time.

Ishrant, Gear UP Student